Carbonate Solutions Ltd holds an exclusive Patent Licence Agreement for the following Patent applications and Approvals:-


British Patent Application No. 1213176.9

(Claiming priority from British Patent Applications No’s: 1118358.9 & 1207147.8)

International Patent Application No: PCT/GB2012/000804


Certificate of Grant

European Patent 2771099

USA   9346024B2

Denmark DK/EP2771099

Singapore 196608

South Africa No 2014/00836

British Patent GB2496010B


National Phase Entries.

Australia No 2112328207

Brazil No BR112014002891-5

Canada No 2,844,840

India No 3341/CHENP/2014

Indonesia No P00201402996

Japan No 6148240

South Korea No 10-2014-7013783

New Zealand No 620209