draftstream® nitro

The ultimate solution for draught cold brew nitro coffee and nitro cocktails

Key Benefits:

Consistancy of pour, high dissolved N2 levels.

Modular System – Plug & Play, compatable with beer industry shelf coolers, fonts & pumps.

Easy to Install – Under counter or cellar installation

No Kegs required – Bag in Box solution providing greater shelf life (9 months) and easier handling

Allows you to pour two products from one 10 litre Box. “Still Cold Filtered & Nitro”

Easy to Clean- In-line CIP cleaning with non caustic cleaner.






About the Technology

draftstream® nitro comes from the Carbonate Solutions range of draftstream ® carbonation products based on hollow fibre membranes.

The large surface area of contact in this membrane carbonator allows N2 to diffuse through the permeable, non porous membrane into the coffee at pre-determined pressures to maximise the mount of gas in solution with zero wastage. The gentle nature of this diffusion of N2 gas into the beverage ensures the gas goes into solution and remains in the liquid and is less inclined to breakout of solution.

This makes the draftstream® Nitro a much more efficient way of infusing the cold brew and much more predictable in terms of the repeatability of the process and end result giving the retailer unequalled consistency of product and pour. The Nitrogenation process is also critical to the final taste and appearance of the product.

draftstream® Nitro will provide dissolved N2 levels of 100-110ppm way higher than any other in-line solution currently on the market

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