draftstream allows a range of new drinks to be brought to the on-trade market including draught sparkling wines and pre-mix cocktails. Further still there are huge benefits in being able to distribute drinks such as beers and ciders that have historically required pressurised kegs that can now be distributed via single trip Bag in Box.

Bag-in-box (BIB) saves not only on distribution costs and eradicates keg theft issues but also opens up export markets where kegs are not a viable option.

draftstream is available in two main options. draftstream 100 series, designed for wines, cocktails and smaller serve beverages and the 200 series designed for beers and ciders. Both systems are designed as compact, easy to install and operate, plug & play systems. 

draftstream also has the benefit of a secure run time totaliser so that the owner of the equipment can easily calculate throughput of product. The system has also been designed to be fully compatible with industry standard demand gas and electric pumps and cooling equipment.


100 series
200 series









Compact “plug & play” system
Flexible installation schemes – designed for both Cellar and Bar. For >8 gm/l operation, bar installation with added cooling is recommended
Compatible with standard beverage demand pumps – Gas or Electric, no control connection required
Low-voltage 12V DC power
Straightforward cleaning procedure (CIP) Using specified solution – CO2 remains connected
“Run-to-Empty” facility – all product can be dispensed before starting system clean, no waste
Secure run-time totaliser – non-volatile, non-resettable; allows quantifiable measurement of throughput
Excellent draught quality – Replicating the small bubbles experienced through traditional bottled and kegged carbonated beverages.